Guitar Services

Guitar & Ukulele Services in Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Guitar & Ukulele restringing

Dan offers restringing with a very fast turnaround. It's important to change strings regularly to maintain good intonation, & to help the instrument stay in tune more consistently.

Guitar Set-up

This service will vary depending on the instrument. Following is a list of common adjustments often required at the change of seasons, or when string gauge is changed. These adjustments should always be done with fresh strings.

Guitar & Ukulele Upgrades

Sometimes cheaper instruments will play very well, & will perform very well through the years. Unfortunately due to lower cost parts, sometimes upgrades are eventually required. Following is a list of some upgrades Dan can perform.

Electrical repairs picture

Guitar & Ukulele Repairs

Dan is not a luthier. He will not perform complex repairs. Structural damage to an instrument should be repaired by a reputable luthier. Dan only repairs hardware issues such as broken machine heads, bridge issues, & electronic problems.