Frequently Asked Questions

Guitar & Ukulele Lessons & Servicing FAQ

Guitar & Ukulele Lessons FAQ

Where do you teach guitar & ukulele?
Dan teaches guitar & ukulele in Avalon, on the Northern Beaches. For Oxford Falls Grammar, Manly Selective & St Luke's Grammar Dee Why Campus students, I teach at the school during school hours. Oxford Falls Grammar School students should enquire through the school.
Will you come to our home to give guitar or ukulele lessons?
Do you offer fortnightly guitar or ukulele lessons?
No. The term fees pay for reservation of a specific time & day per term. Fortnightly lessons are also far less productive and usually don't work out in the end.
Do you offer group guitar or ukulele lessons?
No. Everyone learns at their own pace. In one on one lessons, I am able to teach according to the individual.
Can I attend my child's guitar or ukulele lessons?
Yes. I always try to encourage parent's of younger children to attend lessons, all parent's are welcome both at my home & at the school's (OFGS parents will need to contact the school prior to visiting).
Can I have guitar or ukulele lessons with my child?
No. I have tried this on request in the past, & quickly realised that it is not an ideal approach. Separate lessons allow parent & child to learn at their own pace.
Can I get a Gift Certificate for guitar or ukulele lessons?
If you can't fit me in at this time, can I go on a waiting list?
Yes. If I put you on the waiting list, I"ll contact you when a time becomes available.
Will my child miss class time if they have guitar or ukulele lessons at school?
Yes. The school's I teach at support music education, & realise it's potential in the development of their student's.
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Instrument Services FAQ

Are you a Luthier?
No. I don't do complex repairs. Please see the restring & set-up page for information about the services I provide.
Where do I take my instrument to have it serviced?
Dan services all instruments in his home studio in Avalon.
Will you come to my home to collect/drop off my instrument?
How long does it take to get my instrument back?
This question is hard to answer as all jobs are different. However, most restrings & set-ups are done within 48 hours. Dan will discuss approx turnaround times as appropriate, but if parts are readily available, most more complex jobs are completed within the week.
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