Ukulele Lessons

in Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Ukulele Lessons with Dan Harders

If you're interested please contact Dan about ukulele lessons. Spaces are limited, so there may be a waiting period before lessons commence.

Dan's approach to ukulele lessons

Dan treats the ukulele much like a guitar. You will not only learn to strum your favourite songs. You will also learn all of the essential skills required to become an outstanding musician with excellent technical ability. You will be able to play anything you want on the ukulele.

Students will learn scales, arpeggios, music reading, technical exercises & the musicianship skills required to play with confidence in any musical situation.

Ukulele gear picture

Ukulele Lesson Checklist

Buying & Setting up an Ukulele

While there are many options for beginner ukulele students, Dan recommends a quality instrument purchased from a reputable music shop.

The two main options regarding set-up that Dan will talk about are string related. Specifically the fourth string. Some players prefer the traditional 'G' up the octave, allowing a more Banjo style of playing. Others prefer the fourth string down the octave, making the ukulele feel more like a guitar. Dan's set-up is the fourth string 'G' down the octave, but prefers his students to choose what they are comfortable with, & recommends trying both to find out which will work for them.