Guitar Lessons in Avalon, on the Northern Beaches.

Welcome to Dan Harders guitar tuition in Avalon on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. All ages and levels of experience are welcome. Dan also offers composition lessons, arranging lessons and music theory lessons.

Dan also offers exceptional live jazz ensembles for corporate functions, Weddings and other special events. Contact Dan now to book a band for your special day.

About Dan Harders

Dan was born on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, 1978. He began playing the guitar at the age of ten, and by sixteen, had discovered a curiosity for Jazz. His success in H.S.C. Music earned him an invitation to play at the H.S.C. music showcase ENCORE, at the Sydney Opera House.

Dan attended the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2000, earning a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance). During his studies, his private tutors were Steve Brien and Mike Nock.

Dan still lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where he now plays with several groups, including his own groove trio CHANK! He also teaches privately in Avalon on the Northern Beaches, at Oxford Falls Grammar School, Manly Selective Campus, and St Luke's Grammar School Bayview Campus.

Sketch of guitar teacher Dan Harders playing the guitar
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Guitar Lessons

Dan has been teaching guitar/music on the Northern Beaches since 1995. He teaches in a safe and comfortable setting, where parents are welcome to attend lessons (this is notably effective with younger students).

Dan is enthusiastic about teaching students of all ages and skill levels. He believes you are never too young or too old to discover the love of music.

Lessons are available throughout the Government school terms. Dan teaches in Avalon on the Northern Beaches from Monday to Thursday after school. He is also a resident guitar teacher at Oxford Falls Grammar School, Manly Selective Campus and St Luke's Grammar School Bayview Campus.

  • 2017 Term Dates (NSW)

    • Term 4 (2016) - Mon, 10 Oct - Fri, 16 Dec
    • Term 1 - Fri, 27 Jan - Fri, 07 April
    • Term 2 - Mon, 24 April - Fri, 30 Jun
    • Term 3 - Mon, 17 Jul - Fri, 22 Sep
    • Term 4 - Mon, 09 Oct - Tues, 19 Dec

What you need for your Guitar Lessons

  • A guitar with six strings
  • Metronome (a must)
  • Know what you want to play
  • Plastic folder
  • Guitar picks
  • Guitar lead (electric)
  • Spare strings
  • Lots of questions
Guitar lesson image with guitars, chairs and a music stand
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Guitar student tools


  • Elixir strings for electric guitar are fantastic. I recommend at least .010 to .046 or higher guage strings for my student's. If the strings are too thin, they break easier, they're loose and they don't sound great.
Guitar lesson resources including manuscript, guitar picks, metronome and other stationary
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Guitar lesson FAQ

  • Where do you teach guitar?

    Dan teaches guitar in Avalon, on the Northern Beaches. For Oxford Falls Grammar students, I teach at the school during school hours, please enquire through the school. For Manly Selective students I teach at the school during school hours. For St Luke's Grammar School Bayview Campus students I teach at the school during school hours.

  • Will you come to our home to give guitar lessons?


  • Do you offer group guitar lessons?

    No. Everyone learns at their own pace. In one on one lessons, I am able to teach according to the individual.

  • Can I attend my child's guitar lessons?

    Yes. I always try to encourage parent's of younger children to attend lessons, all parent's are welcome both at my home, and at the school's.

  • Can I have guitar lessons with my child?

    No. I have tried this on request in the past, and quickly realised that it is not an ideal approach. Seperate lessons allow parent and child to learn at their own pace.

  • Can I get a Gift Certificate for guitar lessons?


  • If you can't fit me in at this time, can I go on a waiting list?

    Yes. If I put you on the waiting list, I'll contact you when a time becomes available.

  • Will my child miss class time if they have guitar lessons with you at school?

    Yes. The school's I teach at support music education, and realise it's potential in the development of their student's.

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A Live Band is a great way to inject energy into your celebration. Several jazz ensemble lineups are available from duo's to quintets and beyond.

If there are particular standards you would like to hear, supply a list when booking and you can have your favorite tunes throughout your celebration/function.

Instruments available are guitar, bass, drums, sax, trumpet, trombone, piano, vibes, vocals and more. Conact Dan to make an enquiry.

Sketch of a jazz trio including guitar, bass and drums performing
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